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Why know the date of ovulation ?

To get pregnant, requires that the D-Day at H, sperm from Mr. Dad can meet the ovum of Mrs Mom. Each has a limited life : sperm 3 to 5 days and the egg about 20 hours.

The ideal is that the sperm is already in position, ready to come seduce beautiful when she arrives in the trunk ! This is the whole point of the fertile period followed to design ...

This article introduces a series of articles on the subject which we will discover the inventiveness of monitoring means more or less know when designing marketing !

I'm a good tester : I know my cycle I observe from my 17 years, sporadically or regularly, I have a temper fertile (we, it is a couple subfertility !) and I integrated the knowledge of monitoring cycles for other women because I am a certified Advisor Symptothermie Modern.


Begin our tour market ovulation test !



Chemical tests urinary


The tests are the most classic and well-known.


How it works ?

Just put them in contact with the first morning urine, the richest hormone, and wait for the test indicates whether the time is favorable to ovulation.

Generally, the manufacturer will advise you to start using 19 days before the date of the rules : Ogino method, ovulation would occur 14 days before menstruation, what, the manufacturer proposes to start 5 days earlier in case of shortened cycle.

Day after day, color lighter or darker than the test strip will indicate whether the rate is increasing hormone.

Their limitation

Sold in pharmacies or on the Internet, the most economic tests are simple strips of cardboard (type hospitalier) costing less than € 1 while more expensive tests will have a "package" most advanced digital form or just plastic. In all cases, the technique is the same.

Hormonal imbalance will disrupt the use : there may be several peaks estrogenic in a cycle until one of them causes ovulation (Women hyper estrogenic or PCOS), well during menopause, estrogen levels may become too low for reading is readable.

Obviously, these tests are for single use. Some electronic reading are really expensive and very risky recycling ...


The lens salivary


When hormonal peak before ovulation, saliva and mucus are responsible for salts. So the saliva dries, leaving the salts it contains a motif shaped fern leaves. This phenomenon has been known since the mid-twentieth century.




From this simple observation, you find on the market small microscopes used in the morning before drinking, smoke, do one's teeth : these actions dilute saliva and leads sugars which crystallize also in fern. (attention, drawings are not always as marked as in the pictures below !)



Saliva marking infertility


Saliva transition


Saliva peak fertility


This microscope has the same usage restrictions that urine tests.

Additional benefit, when the embryo is implanted, it sends the message hormone arrival, the famous hcg : it will also be crystallized in the form of ferns saliva !

Ovatel, most accessible

newovatelwhSimplissime, I have one from 4 years. Clumsy me, I liked the strength in some "hovers" unfortunate ...

To prepare for this Article, I contacted the manufacturer with whom I exchanged the phone for a long time. Surprise, the Florida-based company (USA) is run by French expats !

He has kindly provided the latest version : equally resistant, the new lens is designed to be readable without development. Just ask 1 drop of saliva in the center of the lens and leave to dry 20 mn before decrypting the proximity of ovulation.

It costs 29.95 €, delivery included (normal price - see end of article.)


Fertil control, Spanish Test_ovulacion_Fertilcontrol_Light

It includes a reading light which limits the duration of life 2 or 3 years depending on the model.

It costs 49.50 € ou 35 €. It is marketed by a Spanish company.


Fertil Control


Woman Test, in a discounter

This test is marketed by the Swedish discounter test Ova-Test. Also includes an integrated light which has a battery life of 12 months. It costs € 33.

Woman Test

Fertil Focus, the U.S.

An American product that still looks like a stick of lipstick. It costs 27.95$ but it seems difficult to get out of the book American continent.

On the same principle, the site offers OvaCue, monitoring a small machine that records the number of electrolytes in the saliva or cervical mucus to predict ovulation 5 days (analysis in a future article… )

Fertil Focus et Ovacue


I think


  • You have a fairly regular cycle, you want to play simplicity ?
  • You use the temperature method and want to reduce the maximum temperature taking ?
  • You practice approach symto-thermal cycle (or different methods of observations combined indices) and you still have problems with the elixir and self-palpation ?

I recommend the lens and salivary among different models, to me, Ovatel is the best choice ! D’ailleurs, it will soon be available in pharmacies in some countries of the European and African ...

This lens has also benefited this was a nice article in focus Infobébé on ovulation tests.

Simple, resistant, economic, ecological, indestructible and cheap : Here are the major arguments.

In addition, as a reader of this site, you can Ovatel benefit on the lens the reduction of 20%, whether 5,99 € to deduct 29,95 € (delivery included) I negotiated for you.

Simply enter a code "couponOTFRB at the control site Ovatel.


For the record, purchase through the link I offer allows you to contribute to the upkeep of this site : even if you win more, we are in a win-win relationship !


Photo credits : Thank you to M. Gontier of Ovatel and Google images


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  1. Hello, My concern is that I stopped my pill the 31 August 2012 test for bb,I had my rrr the 02 seven,then the 03 to 07 October rrr I took the pills(fear of the future) pdt my rrr then 09 taken last October since I stopped taking the pill again rrr my income after this judgment are the 13oct (abundant),I want to know is whether this will have an impact on my ovulation date knowing that I ovum j20 my cycle? thank you enlighten me

    • Good evening,
      It is likely that ovulation will take place as the 13 October, as the bleeding correspond to a restart cycle.
      Now these steps-stops are a bad idea, I must say, and can make a mess like a timer on a sensitive electronic device that we would move, back without stopping… Brief, it is time to decide if this is the right time or not stopping the pill !
      Cordially, Fabienne

  2. Hello,

    is that the strips are affordable to those ovulatest eg ?
    Thank you

    • Good evening,

      For example… 😉
      I know we tend to buy more than necessary and that the last end in the trash because of the expiration date has passed (Moreover, I can still be 1 or 2 lying at the bottom of the fridge !)

      Personally, I prefer the lens salivary. And more, when there has been implantation, the pregnancy hormone induced new phenomenon of ferns, and the lens locator structure ovulation becomes a lens tracking pregnancy ! This is what I told the director Ovatel.
      An ovulation test and a pregnancy test, all in one and infinitely reusable !

      What have you tried ?
      Cordially, Fabienne

  3. Hi Fabienne. I use saliva to lubricate when I have a rapport.est what it's why I can not fell pregnant for 4 years maintenant.merci to tell me that”is what I used as

    • Bonjour Zaza,
      Saliva is part of the digestive system, I remember… therefore not very friendly to sperm.
      You can buy Pre-Seed (for example here) whose formulation takes into account the sperm survival.
      Good day, Fabienne

  4. thank you very much for everything you do,

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