Chapels, menhirs and fountains of devotion against sterility

Who does not know a fountain close to home, or cradle of his family, a source renowned for its therapeutic ?

The high places of healing

Personally, I know one famous for sore eyes and head, to Verlinghem, Ferrain in a village a few miles from my childhood home and another south of Lille where the water is sovereign to the skin and burns (including caused by radiotherapy.) And since 10 I live Brie years, I also know some.

Often sponsored by the Virgin or a saint of the local early days of the Church, these sources are often maintained and always blessed with great fanfare at the annual pilgrimage. The date of pilgrimage coincides also generally with the peak of their effectiveness. Their virtues are transmitted orally as well as their location. Their census, probably operated, is not easily accessible to the public and must "go fishing" in different books for opportunities to locate an unknown.

Frequently outside the village, they are then accompanied by a chapel dedicated when the pilgrimage is moving, sometimes completely neglecting the fountain nearby.

If their properties are not officially recognized, however, they are for spiritual des sources thermales virtues often cataloged in similar fields.

In the tradition of pagan cults, sources and fountains, there are the standing stones and remarkable, and practices that accompany. All form “High Places“, name that modern dowsers renamed “geobiologists” give where the Spirit has blown one day.

Regional Directory

When the holidays are preparing, Here are a regional directory of sites devoted to overcome infertility. This selection is made mainly from the book Stones and water Bro Maoneo of Arz at Guy Trédaniel Publisher. Unfortunately she did not pretend to be exhaustive : source I quote in the introduction is absent.

If you have the opportunity to visit one of the places mentioned, remember to send a photo to illustrate this article ! And me with places that have escaped the inventory.

When a fountain of the village is now dried up, Sometimes the reason is very simple : the water company which supplies running water to homes could request that the water is cut to have a monopoly on the distribution…

A illustration musicale to read this article ? (source)


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Ain 01

Lavours, 26 km N.O. Aix les Bains

The "King Bed" is a sarcophagus in which women who want to be productive at night just to rub the belly naked on the walls and then lie down. They then return to join their husbands and children desired.


Aisne 02


Notre Dame de Liesse is a Black Madonna that came with the Crusaders in the territory. Revered by Louis XIII and Anne of Austria still childless, it collects the Royal vow that France will be dedicated to the Virgin if a child born to infertile couples : it will come in Louis XIV 1652 thank the Virgin for the favor granted to his mother.


Mix 03

Bourbon Archambaud, 23 O km Moulins

It is customary for women to go for fear of being sterile scraping the stone of the statue of Saint Grelichon (or her lover all) in the street of the same name and drink the mixture of the dust and white wine. The statue was made to be housed in the Museum of Old Bourbon.


Alpes de Haute Provence 04

Gréoux les Bains 15 km Manosque

A temple to the goddess of fertility Hecate would have been the site of the present Chapel of Our Lady of Eggs : the custom is that you always brings eggs. Close, in the park of the spa, hot springs and sulphurous, sponsored by the nymphs of Gréoux, treats rheumatism and respiratory (as in the article " going to cure your infertility treatment »)

Saint Geniez 14 km N.E. Sisteron

The Chapel of Our Lady of Dromon, located 4 S.E km de St Geniez, houses in the crypt rock visited by women in labor, especially during the pilgrimage of the second Sunday in July. The fountain of the Crow is near a natural cavity.


Bouches du Rhone 13

Aix en Provence 30 km N Marseille

Au pied de la Colline, there are hot springs dedicated to the god Borbonus where women came to bathe in order to be fruitful. The ritual was that the daily bath is thirty consecutive days, it takes time for a clepsydra (water clock measuring in general times 5 to 10 minutes.) In addition to a small animal sacrificed was offered.

Saintes Maries de la Mer 40 km S Arles

The water from the well of the Notre Dame de la Barque in the crypt of which one can see the black virgin Sara, patron saint of gypsies, has a reputation for curing diseases of the eye and give fertility to women.


Charente 16

St Lawrence Charentes

Here too a fountain of devotion brings fertility.


Expensive 18

Parassy, 4 km N.O. The Aix to Angillon 24 km N.E. Bourges

A Fountain Michavant, infertile women make pilgrimages there and leave a few coins, water thrown or hidden in the bushes around.

Saint Georges Moulon, 19 km S of La Chapelle Angillon

Infertile women were at the Pierre-à-la-wife.

Sainte Montaine, 50 km N Bourges 9 O Aubigny sur Nere km

A bubbling fountain and sacred women were drinking to be fruitful and take them home stones collected at places. The pilgrimage takes place on Whit Monday.

To access the : taken from the village by the D13 direction Pierrefitte. A 800 m, take the small road that leads to 400 m of the fountain.


Côtes d'Armor 22

Pleumeur-Bodou, 9 km N.E. Lannion

Next to the chapel of Saint Samson, are a Christianised menhir (that needs to rub) and fountain that bring fertility.


Hollow 23

Saint Priest Sheet, 30 O km Guéret

In dolmen Cressat, it is sufficient to infertile women to sit in the dolmen of "stone crazy, "Outside the village, to have children.


Dordogne 24

Neuvic on the Isle

The Veyssière is a village where the sources are many but only one of them has many therapeutic properties, the others are ineffective : to avoid confusion it is better to ask the locals. Located in White Périgord, the common connecting, Neuvic on the Isle, is in a tourist area.


Drome 26

Saint-Germain d'Hauterives

The Fountain of Good Combe is backed by the chapel of the same name. It is a Pilgrimage of the Diocese of Valencia since the twelfth century. It is considered the eyes and treat urinary tract infections : testing for genital ? A detour possible after the visit of the palace of Cheval…

Marsanne (14 km N Montelimar)

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Woods Fresneau or stands on the site of an ancient sanctuary of a Celtic goddess of fertility. The source is versatile.


Your 28


Chartres Cathedral is a place of worship Christianized previous. A network of veins and major water runs through the tight rocky outcrop of the basement. The shaft of the Holy Places Forts, depths of about 33 meters, is from 1020 in crypt. Prior to the exterior of the church, It neighbors with a dolmen altar and the. Up 1654, the Ladies of the Holy Places Forts cared for the sick (erysipelas and ergotism) while barren women slept for nine days in the underground church.


Finistère 29

Berrien, 27 km South Morlaix

The menhir dit de Kerampeulven is visited by barren women who were there rubbing his stomach to have children. It would have been associated with a source now diverted.

Collorec, 30 km ENE Châteaulin

In this village there is the Chapel of St. Marguerite : barren women come to visit and rub against her bare navel statue. Forgiveness always takes place on 3th Sunday in July.

Edern, 17 km ENE

Women who want to be fruitful (or want to promote lactation) go to the source of the chapel Our Lady of Trégurdun : Flush before belly and breasts of the water, Women throw three pins in the source crossing himself every time.


The mare of stone (Fri Ar Gazeg) Druid is a stone which is visited by barren women because it goes to grant maternity. This rock has an elongated cavity with raised edges on each side forming a giant vulva. From this seat "chair by Ronan" (patron saint of the city), having sight of the bay, as long as the area have been well cleared. The circuit of forgiveness of the great Tromenie (every six years 1995-2001-2007 ') stops there. This Tromenie (large or small annual) is a remnant of a distant time when druidic ceremony consisted of a tower menhir menhir in the sacred grove of the Druids "nemeton. "Once women had to sleep three nights lying on the stone to conceive. The newlyweds will spend their first night as marriage and rubbed against her bare. The days of the Great Tromenie, Women sit still for a moment on the mare of stone to be fertilized and protected from women's diseases. (its action was not effective on the first register with me !)

Plouarzel (20 km east of Brest)

The The menhir Kerloas (ou de Kervéatou) is high 9,5 m. On both sides are two small bumps opposed to about 1 f you sun : the young couple had to rub against the parties to design a suitable boy.


Gironde 33

Bagnières Luchon

In the town of Oueil, women in labor were kissing the stone.

Lussac, 13 km NE Libourne

The fountain of the hermitage Picampeau, in the wood of Saint Emilion have virtues for rheumatism and female sterility.


Inner 36

Chabris (33 Or km Vierzon)

Saint Phallier (whose statue is located in the crypt of the church) is invoked to remedy the deficiencies manly and diseases of languor children. Applicants are burning a candle to the saint and bring the leftovers home they place at the head of the bed.

Gargilesse-Dampierre (12 km SE Argenton sur Creuse)

The patron Saint of the town her lover all (or Guerluchon) a wooden statue : infertile women were grate and scrape the virile member of the Saint to extract a fertilizing decoction to drink '

Reboursin (35 km NNE)

The water of the fountain Saint her lover all (him again !) is deemed against sterility. The engaged couple were on a pilgrimage to drink water and have a numerous progeny.


Country 40


The Long Stone is a stone of fertility in which women were used to rub.

Saint Vincent de Paul (9 km NE Dax)

A few kilometers from the village who took the name of its most famous son, Notre Dame is Buglose patron saint of the Landes de Gascogne. Mecca ancestral worship, Many miracles are attested for various ailments including sterility. The pilgrims must make a novena, drinking or bathing the affected part to the source that flows where the statue of the Virgin was found buried in the marsh after the Wars of Religion. To have a mass is also part of the current conventions. The pilgrimage takes place 15 August and 8 September, attendance is continuing.


Loire Atlantique 44

Casson (6 km SE of Nort Erdre)

In the village of St. Anne de la Fresnaye near a nearby fountain with a chapel (been transferred to the town). A novena preceded the pilgrimage 26 July but pilgrimages were held side on the first Sunday of each month. The water of this fountain was used for various ailments including sterility.


Loiret 45

Cléry Saint André

The basilica Notre Dame de Clery has a black virgin who gave France a heir the reign of Louis XI.

Ingrannes 30 km ENE Orleans

The Fountain St. Hue (or Hughes) is deemed to cure fevers and infertility.

Jouy le Potier (20 km SSE of Orleans)

The fountain of St. Cornelius (patron of Sologne) had several properties : mothers to children's clothes soaked low or biting his nails, couples in search of naked children bathed after sunset to design. Today, a simple sprinkling of the stomach or the ingestion of a small amount of water replaced the bath night.

Ménestreau in Villette (28 km SSE Orléans)

The cast from the statue of Saint Guerluchon placed above the source of the same name was diluted in water of the fountain and drank household sterile.


Lot 46


Here is the whole rock is sacred. Marian devotion takes place from the twelfth century and a venerated Black Madonna in a chapel built against the rock (the Black Madonnas are often former Goddesses mothers renamed… ) In addition the pilgrim up the stairs in the morning, saying the rosary, and often on their knees, before leaving with a medal (I forget the specific name.) No doubt this Christian sanctuary has taken the estate of a High Place oldest dedicated to fertility.


Marl 51

The Thorn (6,5 km E Chalons en Champagne)

He who has seen the basilica Our Lady of the Thorn recalls the incongruity of this Gothic masterpiece, like a cathedral like its neighbor Reims, lost in the countryside along a Roman road in a village 700 people. Located on a road to St Jacques de Compostela, the church is listed as world heritage by Unesco.

The " wells of the Work "In the left transept results in water known for fertility. A bucket (padlocked) with a few plastic cups awaits you… The schedule of prayer intentions will enable you to leave a trace and find that the Virgin is generous.


Meurthe et Moselle 54

Saxon-Sion (22 km N Mirecourt)

The Chapel of Our Lady of Sion on the Hill is a mecca Vaudémont religious dedicated to the first Wotan (Odin) Rosmertha and the goddess of fertility.


Morbihan 56

Bieuzy (15 SO km Pontivy)

The Saint Gildas source is near the chapel of the same name, backed by a cliff near the Blavet, by road from Saint Nicolas des Eaux. The female ablutions were intended to protect women's diseases and assist in the design. Forgiveness is always held on Whit Monday.


Multiple stones, fountains and Carnac, some may have had the virtues we are interested 'but one is visited by barren women the menhir "giant Kerdef" NW of Menec, that stands with another smaller menhir in a meadow in 450 m from the D781 between Carnac.

Guern (10 SO km Pontivy)

Our Lady of the Fountain Quelven is embedded in the wall of the chapel of the same name 300 m of the chapel, the village of Quelven located 4 km east of Guern.

Ploemel (6 O km Auray)

To the west of Ploemel, between Saint Laurent and Kermelgan, there are two standing stones near a fountain : infertile women were rubbing against one of them before swimming in the pond next to the fountain. (the geobiologist you explain that the woman is discharged energy of the menhir before full of positive energy in the fountain 'refer to the article on tellurium)

Questembert (38 km east of Redon)

Again a chapel and a fountain join in the fight against sterility : the village of Bréhardec, on the road to Questembert Péaule, the fountain of the Notre Dame of the O came to the rescue of women in labor.


Moselle 57

Abreschwiller (24 km SE Sarrebourg)

In the cave of St. Leo, a spring. Today dried, the spouses of private children continue to attend this deep cave.


Nièvre 58

Lanty (47 SO km Autun)

The women used a sprinkling of their breasts with water from the fountain to be fruitful.

Onlay (20 km S of Chateau-Chinon)

The Fountain of Fair Lady is in the woods at the outskirts of the town. Deemed against sterility in women, they splashed belly and breasts after being signed and before going to the parish church.


Orne 61

Montmerrei (11,5 km NE Sées)

Infertile women came to rub his belly against the Dolmen de la Pierre Tournoir. Note that the Ascension takes place on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Liesse.


Puy de Dome 63

Châteldon (21 km S Vichy)

A radioactive source untapped by the spa is deemed against sterility.


In the crypt of Our Lady of Port, under the gaze of a Black Madonna, is the ancient miraculous well, because the church was built on a druidic place of worship. Many healings take place always.

Gerzat (10 km N Clermont-Ferrand)

For the healing of many diseases, the faithful went in procession to the festivities of Our Lady in September. Practice required to bathe before sunrise.

Orcival (18 km N Le Mont Dore)

A menhir is a pillar in the church : infertile women were there naked belly rub. A miraculous spring gushed past the bottom of the narthex which confirms the antiquity of the place Druid.


Pyrenees Atlantiques 64

Lestelle Bétharram (25 km SE Pau)

The fountain at the edge of Notre Dame Gave frequented long for the healing of all diseases. The traditional view is that applicants are drinking this miraculous water to the pilgrims 23 June and 8 September.


Hautes Pyrenees 65


The cave of Massabielle the River Gave has been given a miraculous spring at the apparition of the Virgin. His reputation is well established.


Rhône 69

Monsols (42 km NE Macon)

To the west of Monsols, on Mount Saint Rigaud is a fountain where the women offered wooden cross at the fountain to be fruitful. This water is also known for all kinds of diseases.


Saône et Loire 71

Flacé the Macon (Banlieue nord de Mâcon)

By the stream of the Abyss is the chapel of Sainte Eulalie (ou Ylie), which is also venerated in the parish church.

Girls and women come here on pilgrimage to all aspects of conception and birth (especially the day of the fair 20 May and Easter Monday.) Girls come here to get their rules or spouse, and women to return to the rules or have children. The girls are blessed ribbons (white if they have too much blood, red if they do not have enough) Then they attach at the waist to return home.

Jalogny (23 km to the NW Macon, 3 SO km Cluny)

The Fountain St. Nizier the edge of the woods of Vaux, near the ruins of an old chapel, is attended by the communicants, engaged couples and honeymooners. Having planted a wooden cross and leaving coins correspond to an ancient fertility cult. The waters of the fountains are also popular for the healing of fever and nervous diseases.

Mesvres (14 km south of Autun)

The fountain of Notre Dame Certenue is near the top of the mountain of Certenue, former place of worship druid, close to a chapel dedicated to the Virgin and frequented all year. The pilgrimage is usually held at Pentecost (the night from Sunday to Monday) Children tied, à la parole in retard, fever and infertility. Whit Monday until twelve o'clock, the pilgrims drink the water, perform their ablutions and water supplies from the source. It is also possible to make a novena for a particular purpose by drinking water from this source for nine days : if successful, an on-site travel is required. Note that this mountain is located near the Mont Beuvray, site of the ancient Bibracte the Gallic Wars.

Saint Emiland (14 km ESE Autun)

The Fountain St. Emiland is in the wood of the same name, not far from the great Roman road Via Agrippa. During the pilgrimage (the Saturday following the 24 June), water of the fountain and cloths are blessed for the sick for healing of all diseases, and especially the affections of the sight, pain, of infertility and the issue of pregnant women.

Saint Laurent's Macon

There stands a raised stone where women went at night, is bared to the waist and belly and breasts rubbed against the stone to have children and milk to feed.

Saint Sernin du Bois (7 km N Le Creusot)

In the hamlet of Gamey is a chapel Saints Gervais and Protais and fountain Saint Plotot (Protais). In the chapel, the statue of Saint Plotot is invoked for the children and that of knotted Saint Freluchot, curly hair, by infertile women who make a coin as an offering and drink water from the fountain.

Tournus (25 km N Macon)

In the underground church of the abbey of Tournus, is in the crypt of the Church of St. Philibert, Well Saint Valerian is known for the healing of various diseases and fevers, during the pilgrimage of the Saint Valerian 15 September. But the worship of relics of that Saint, also brought the pilgrims in the crypt 20 August to have children, and possibly curly which relates to the worship of the Celtic god Belenus.


Sarthe 72

Le Mans

The Cathedral of Saint Julien is built backed by a menhir "Caillou Gargantua, Pierre Sheet, Pierre of the Gentiles, Bloodstone or Pierre au Lait " : women were rubbing them to be fruitful. Today, the most modest simply move their finger in the cup cut into the menhir. Once a fountain in front of him.


Savoy 73


Saint Martin de Belleville (20 km S Moutiers)



The Fountain of Life is near the chapel Our Lady of Life in the upper valley of the Doron, in the Tarentaise. This fountain flows through an ancient sarcophagus used as a trough and was surmounted in the retaining wall of a statue of a mother goddess, statue which is now backed by the west wall of the chapel.

This place was visited in two distinct purposes. First of all, it is a place of worship for fertility and health : women immerse a cloth and wash eyes, face and chest, mainly during the pilgrimage 8 September. Offerings are made (currencies, jewelry, food, live animals and then auctioned.) The other destination the place is that of a "sanctuary of peace!" : the celebration of an office to remind the stillbirths in the life time to be baptized (and thus to escape Limbo to access Paradise.)


His 75


The source located outside the church of Saint Julien the Poor was deemed miraculous and was sold for the benefit of the church.


Seine et Marne 77

Crouy sur Ourcq (25 km N Meaux)

In the chapel Our Lady of the Oak is a source from which water would have various healing.

Saint Fiacre en Brie (8 km ESE Meaux)

By patron saint of gardeners lived and is still honored in the chapel in his name near the fountain : the clothes of the sick is tempered and its water is renowned for the fertility. The pilgrimage takes place on Sunday following the 30 August and the procession went to the fountain in the afternoon.


Deux Sevres 79

Amur (16 km SE Niort, near the Mauzé Mignon)

Stones close to a sacred fountain has long been the object of a cult : throw coins made fertile women.

Pamproux (34 SO km Poitiers)

La Source de la Roche Ruffin, east of the town, the village of the same name, deaf to the bottom of a cave and saw fertility practices place there. To find this site, we must rely on hiking trails.


Was 83

Saint Maximim la Sainte Baume (40 km O Aix en Provence)

Legend has it that St. Mary Magdalene went 33 years in this cave 946 m d’altitude, also called the Weeping Cave because of the water that seeps.

The annual pilgrimage takes place on 22 July and women go there to be fruitful and girls to find married in the year.

Varages (34 km NNW Brignoles)

Saint Foutin (Saint Pothinus renamed) and phallus cure diseases shameful and fertilized females.


Vendee 85

Ile d'Yeu

South of the island is near the chapel of Our Lady of the Fountain of Millstone Millstone. The water was sought for fertility and also against other neglected diseases since.

The Génétouze (8 km NO La Roche sur Yon)

The fountain and the chapel of St. Radegund are close to the Serrie : water source are searched against sterility and convulsions. Access is by road on Perry's Life 1500 m du Bourg.


Vienna 86

Saulge (6 km S Montmorillon)

Infertile women come to pray and contemplate the head of Saint Birotin (also known as Saint Sylvain) carved and sealed in the wall of a farm village in the south of Macheri Saulgé. They then deposit a room on the ground.

Roussac (15 km ESE Bellac)

Exceptional, the fountain Saint Martial : women were washing them in NOT to have children ! It is therefore a Fountain of infertility


Essonne 91

Chalou Moulineux (18 SO km Etampes)

The fountain Sainte Apolline to the sources of Chalouette is a sacred place for ancestral attended the fertility of the land and the fertility of women.

Le Val Saint Germain (9 km NE Dourdan)

St. Juliana is invoked in order to preserve the church of contagious diseases and give children infertile women : for this request, must pass under a gantry supporting the reliquary bust. The saint also favors deliveries and the arrival of rain in drought. Once during the procession of Pentecost hunting was brought to the fountain without the crowd there attardât.


In conclusion

As a naturopath and daughter of dowsing, I hope you will make a nice walk in nature to one of the High Places. Personally, I love going out to meet these special places with my husband, but cards IGN, My Compass, my picnic and divining tools Papa.

I expect from you in the article in “You have the floor”

  • Do you know another place dedicated to fertility ? In France or elsewhere…
  • Do you expect or have you had a baby after visiting one of these places ?
  • Do you have a nice picture to complete the illustration of this article ?

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  4. hello
    comme vous je parcours la France et surtout la bretagne de fontaines miraculeuses en chapelles et lieux sacres et en fevrier 2013 je me suis frottee a la pierre de fertilite de camlez pres de la chapelle saint nicolas dans les cotes d armor; and 4 mois plus tard je tombais enceinte a 43 years

  5. bonjour je voudrez que vous me renseignier car j arrive pa a tomber enceinte méme avec des traitements pouvez vous m’aider mercie

  6. Good evening,
    Moi j’ai fait était à la source miraculeuse de la chapelle Notre dame des neiges à Gourdon dans le lot. La source passe sous la chapelle, juste devant la nef. Alors par contre pour la boire, il faut se faire violence car elle donne pas envie (trouble et beaucoup de dépot). Mais je suis tombée enceinte moins de 2 mois après.
    Je ne sais si elle a vraiment fonctionné car j’ai aussi fait un week end la source de Lourdes, et nous avions aussi été priés la vierge noire à Rocamadour. Laquelle nous a fait grâce de cet grossesse, je ne le saurais jamais, mais en essayant d’avoir un petit frère ou une petite soeur, j’ai fait remplir une bouteille dernièrement à Gourdon et nous sommes allés de nouveau à Lourdes 🙂

  7. saint cunégonde reine de bavière épousait le roi Henri de bavière a la mort de sons mari elle se retira dans un monastère et fabriquait des potion pour la fertilité pour fame stérile. pour avoir des bébé quelle est la recette de la saint reine cunégonde . thank you for answering me . j’attend de vos nouvelle.

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