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  1. bsr thank you for your help I am interested I had my last period on 5 July I took evening primrose oil caplets last two weeks of the cycle I had a relationship with my husband at J25 so far I have not had my period I did two test pen 45 years I have no children I had a miscarriage in 2005 IVF failed in 2006 and now I'm depressed that I have not had my period please help me thank you in advance

  2. hello,
    I just ask you to please give me the bientfait of palm pollen and how to take it to help conceive a baby.
    thank you for answer.

  3. bjr Fabian bjr everyone I hope you're still here I write for more details it's urgent, to my analysis that were devastating my gynecologist prescribed me DHEA and it was I who insisted in fact it works with another gynecologist because DHEA is not yet known to the other gynecological MOROCCO brief him as he uses
    thank you in advance

    • Hi Hanane,
      I'm a little less present on the net right now… Many ongoing preparations, for you and me !
      DHEA is sold in France in the pharmacy network on prescription : the “who will you buy it” must have an order properly or it will leave empty handed. I have no idea of ​​the price.
      I have shown scientific studies that provide dosages : there have been positive results from 20 mg but it seems that a higher dose is preferable. I think that your gynecologist has seen the scientific literature and has thought before deciding to give you doses.
      You'll have to make him an account of the effects (positive or less pleasant) you feel : I suggest you note in a notebook for an objective opinion and make a return accurate.
      Good evening, Fabienne

  4. j’ai 43 years , my wife 38. There has been married 9 years . Jai was operated for varicocele in 2005 and so far , on a fait 2 IAC , no results , what to do ?

  5. bjr,I want the testimony of women who became pregnant at 45 years. merçi

    • Hello, j’ai 46 years and I just had twins after IVF, My husband and I had waited too long, Nothing went as planned. After unsuccessful attempts in environments too stressful and hospitalized, we opted for fertility tourism, 1months in Crete, with the key to this success story. My pregnancy went well despite the anxieties related to my age and the twins and our children make us happy and will keep us young, pas le choix 😉 Si j’ai un conseil à donner aux couples qui veulent concevoir après 40 years, it attempts to combine fun and, LJE think the impression of being on vacation has been instrumental in our last attempt, we were relaxed, we could enjoy the beach, port at night, a quasi honeymoon, I give you the address of the center if you feel like it.
      Good luck and good luck

  6. I married a sperm pauvre.Notre gyneco was prescribed clomid and it spradyne after cure in six Fertimax succès.Peux but we hope that this time it will produce effets.A note that had the first baby early .

    Thank you for your advice and counsel

  7. Good evening thank you for accepting me on this site . j’ai 38 and married depui 10 years . my first pregnancy was 2001 ,and since I wanted to get pregnant without success and catastrophe is that analysis hormonal j'au made ; amh = 0.12 and I comprrend just means that to my age in this help me please is what I would have opportunities to design or not

    • Good evening,
      I suggest you refer to Article “menopause, reasons to worry ?”
      I can give you a personal response, not knowing the specifics of your situation…
      Cordially, Fabienne

  8. Hello tatu . Fortunately you have a child alive . in the case of your husband and you want to have a second child, why not try a iac to save time .. good luck

    • I do not understand the method of qu'estce iac? Can you give me more info on that. Thank you. In your case try to pray and ask the Virgin Mary to pray for your famille.Toute both continue to consult the specialist matière.B.chance

  9. Hello Fabian ,can you give me the positive effects of clomid and spradyn
    on semen quality?
    Thank you.

    • Good evening,
      I try to learn.
      Now, my paid work is very involved and so I have less time for volunteering…

  10. hello,

    43 years, my very high FSH, I want to become a pr consielles SVP.

  11. hello
    I have 28 years I have already a daughter of 4 years I had naturelement
    since 2 I esseye years to get pregnant and still nothing
    Hormonal analyzes of bitter I did s'èrevelé a decrease hrmone ham it is 12.0pmol / l and 1.7ng/ml and other hormones are perfect
    my question is; is that I can have baby naturelement year or what should I do to get it
    thank you in anticipation of your reply

  12. I explained the method fsh

  13. Bjr Fabian
    could you please tell me if dong quai and red raspberry leaves help when we try to make a baby

    • Hello Constance,
      Here depends on the case. For many women, these plants are not recommended.
      I intentionally wrote one article on my specialty plants (the gemmotherapy) because they are too delicate job and requires real knowledge.
      The Gemmo is still effective and easier access : allez lire l’article et posez ensuite vos questions 🙂
      Cordially, Fabienne

  14. Black seed oil for the infertile man

  15. Hi Fabienne,
    thank you for accepting me on this blog.
    it is really interesting.
    by cons, I do not know where to put the access code member?

  16. hello girls I seek support throughout the tests I'm going through now; here is my two I'd plugged the wrong but I have had to do a laparoscopy in France and the doctor had told me that everything was much c spend but here 3 months now and still nothing I have that as n 26 years and I'm afraid of losing my husband that he is here is a pool of my little

  17. Hello Fabian
    thank you for this site, a wealth of info
    we are testing for baby 1 an. j’ai 28 years.
    my cycles are very regular, we do not do analysis, we are still waiting.
    I started gemmotherapy, 20 drops of the complex and depuragem 10 drops of raspberry morning fasting. I have two quick questions: I stopped during my period?
    this is what you seem correct dosage?
    I go to the acupuncturist next week.

  18. hello I want to have information regarding homeopathy during an ivf, what to take???especially for stress thank you to you

  19. hello,Fabian I am delighted to be with you

  20. hello Fabian,I cycle 28 days and normally my rule yesterday had landed me my one drop morning and there are aujourdui Can I fell pregnant and my husband azzospermi?

  21. Hello, I am gonal since stimulation 6 ca months before I had no problem detected duphaston for my friend or me ,since 3 years while we essayon ​​bb.lui 33 years and I 28 we started having the moral decline.

  22. Hello,I, j’ai 39 years, I have a child 6 and since 2006 we try to have another. Before I had no problems with fertility and also I had a laparoscopy in France and they found nothing(I was told the gényco: you have the stomach better than mine).My husband has a problem in its Mobility's sperm so I had to go to IVF(first, I did 03 inséminatioms and it has not worked yet they treated his sperm so I made 04 FIV( the first,I had hyperstimulation and they have stopped because I almost die(become partially paralyzed or cardiac arrest and that in my gényco( I had a very high rate of FSH then he told me to stop treatment during 06 months for the rest ovaries,I took the IVF treatment with another teacher in another ho
    capital 03 IVF without puncture (they detected a problem:ovarian failure( one in four mature oocyte in an ovary). The professor even told me: it stops processing définitivement.Hônetement, I'm living a nightmare, an ordeal, I pretend that I did not think, but basically I am unhappy, I'm heartbroken. Please answer me

    • Hello Miyassa,
      Thank you for your testimony.
      The course is very difficult to LDCs live, with success or failure with.
      I wish you luck for the following… I do not know what else to tell you.

  23. Hello I went to register, I have a son 3 years after IVF / ICSI 3, for the 2nd I have already done 3 attempts, and I'm looking for homeopathic remedies to submit to my doctor for me and my husband.
    I tried to read the articles on homeopatie but I do not see where to put the code. Thank you for enlighten me.

    • Good evening, The pages are in code space for members : by going on one of these pages, space entry is automatically displayed when the first connection. Cdlt

  24. Hi, Please let me know the chance,having a baby with my husband who 22pourcent of mobile sperm thank you

  25. I have a child and my wife but outside marriage . while we got married

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