It's the holidays here too !

Marked by the birth of the enVie fruitful association and the employee moonlighting activity naturopath and hypnotherapist, with its multifaceted year.
Y add a press review bi-weekly, a dream board and a monthly column Pinterest.

Brief, to me, a very busy year at the professional level !

I hope for you it was quieter personally, and equally positive.

Then, it is time that I go to recharge my best back to you in September ! This time, I leave the computer side (mais j'ai and iPhone.) I have drawers full projects (as usual) : year 2013-2014 is already marked by numerous conferences. The book 8 October from 18:30 to 21:00… Detailed program in September !

And if you're feeling a(and) activist, you can join the community and BAMP manifest to hear that the world is a desire for a child that lasts, hard…

For the time, I wish you happy holidays, filled rest, sun and love – all favorable to your physical conditions and emotional fertility !


PS : I get a few dates in July, August and September in Paris Nation ! More details here…

Photo credit : YLegrand

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