Billings, symptothermie : natural methods of fertility monitoring

This article is based on information available at the Billings Centre of France, on French pages of the seat Australian, and the method of Symptothermal Cler-natural-methods, Symptotherm Switzerland and Serena in Canada.

The method of natural family planning is a simple to implement and free ; it requires just to observe daily changes in body.
The waved self-observation to program the daily reports that the desire or refusal of pregnancy.
It can be used by all premenopausal women, even in peri-menopause or breastfeeding, she has regular cycles or irregular.

The evolution of the menstrual cycle happens for every woman of reproductive age with different phases :

  1. Rules
  2. sterile after a period rules, sometimes non-existent among women with short cycles (<25 days)
  3. a fertile before ovulation (3 to 10 days)
  4. l’ovulation (1 day)
  5. a fertile after ovulation (1 day)
  6. a barren period during the luteal phase in which the egg is supposed to settle (systematically about 14 days)
  7. rules which complete the cycle and opens new.

These phases are controlled by hormones that induce certain changes in mood and body, at the cervical, of the mucus, de la vulve et de la temperature basal.

L’observation de la glaire et de la vulve is the basis of Billings method, easy and effective for most women.

The sympto-thermal method also known as method “combined indices” develops additional indicators to help women with the observation of the mucus is not enough to acquire a certain. It also can check for early pregnancy or progesterone deficiency.

A mucus, women will add the daily temperature and possibly position of the cervix (strict hygiene of the hands will limit the risk of infection…) Actually, it will make the observation of as many parameters as necessary to determine the exact phase of the cycle, and not one more.

A study of past cycles will help to finally know the usual date of ovulation for women with regular cycles.

These methods are used by gynecologists to determine if ovulation does occur in the initial assessment of fertility.

To summarize

  • Fertile periods, the vulva is soft and swollen and the woman is "wet" with a slippery mucus, racy (as egg white) while during periods sterile, the vulva is dry or sticky mucus absent.
  • The woman will be more motivated for sex during fertile periods, and lubrication of the vagina will make the reports easier.
  • Only reports during fertile periods can make a pregnancy.
  • To influence the sex of the unborn child, just remember that the X sperm (daughter) live longer than the Y (boy). To have a better chance of having a girl, reports are to be held 3 days before ovulation while to "try the boy", it was not until the day when the mucus changes (day of ovulation) to copulate.
  • The quality of the mucus and duration of cycle phases, determined by hormones, can make a medical diagnosis of the sex hormone balance of women.


To go further

With the Billings method, a chart will record daily cycle stage (explanations, download Excel or format htm with the legend and no caption.)

A equivalent table exists for the sympto-thermal method, a little more complicated to complete by hand (legend on the instructions of the wap.)

To facilitate monitoring Symptothermal, the Swiss foundation has developed a System alerts WAP mobile phone or web form summarizing the data entered (80 day free trial and more so when you pass the “love game” before registering !), a free iPhone application and a partnership with the thermometer manufacturer specific.

The “CLER Love & Family“, the French association of Catholic Roman, it, Site offers explanations ( and “Dafra”, Windows software to download to your computer in addition to courses taught by instructors. (

The document “the female cycle” for download Serena synthesizes all the elements to know in order to apply the method.

All these associations offer formations Free (I believe) taught by certified trainers for you to master the phases of the cycle and can all be noted properly.

So you can monitor your fertile periods and adjust your sexuality to your (not) desire for procreation.

The natural family planning is based on the exchange between the couple on the development of fertile calendar. It may be a way to talk all the draft Baby.

Doctors Hospital North American Roman Catholics have even developed a method of assisted procreation, which is based on the cycles of observation to correct any hormonal dysfunction in women and use the various medical techniques to restore the fertility of the couple.

This technique is currently available only in Ireland and Switzerland in addition to the Americas. It requires three months of daily ratings of the mucus.


How did you feel about the use of these methods ?

Have you been well received by members of these associations ? (I did not appreciate that some members of CLER blame myself for not having experienced continence when I asked to keep coaching…)

Thank you to send us following your experience by posting a comment !

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