Fertility and increase their chances of having a child

augmenter_sa_fertilite_couvThe author of this little work is well known naturopath Robert Masson was published in the collection "The health records of Robert Masson."
For the story, Robert Masson Professor of Naturopathic very long time and at an age when others become grandfather, he got married and became a father ... (He is also trained naturopath who my instructor.)

In this work of synthesis, sharing it with us 15 15 points short chapters a naturopath strategy will be implemented to allow a couple to boost fertility

: power and balance rules, the (possible) food supplements, healthy lifestyle friendly life, positive thinking and how even back in time physiological !

The key is, consulting a naturopath (or homeopath) will help to refine and customize to your specific strategy, the content of this website detailing some points to the environment ...

Last advantage of this synthesis procedure : ideas menus Sandrine Masson. Here, it is to assemble classic recipes for balanced meals that will improve the health of fertile couples.

Brief, 90 pages priced mini-mini that allow for an overview of actions to implement : a book for beginners or those who need to take a holistic view of the subject ! A smart way to prepare for the design ...

For the record, buy this book through the link I propose you to contribute to the upkeep of this site.

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  1. I just place an order on amazon, thank you for the info !

  2. I received the book this morning, it is very well done. It combines physical guidance, psychological and nutritional concisely, I was cheered and confirmed that we were on the right track with my husband

  3. j’ai 48 years I have my rules regularly I just got married and I want to have a baby how to
    thank you Fabienne

  4. Hello my friends and I try to same, have a baby since 4 months. jai 46 years with 2fibromes , hort are cavitation. Ais I hope to book with , thank you

    • Hello,
      This book is here to help you increase your chances of success, normally a thin 46 years.
      Obviously I can not guarantee anything, as the author…

  5. Hello to all

    New on the site , I wanted to bring you info about the important vitamins when trying to’ having a baby . Many articles on the merits of internet sales super kind design formulas , fertimax, betaselem …
    Actually , too many vitamins is not good for sperm , further studies are in progress . An article by Dr. Y.menezzo explains his false evidence . Selenium is not that good , by against it must be zinc and vitamins group B.The article is in the journal : gynecology , obstetrics , fertility December 2012 Oxidative stress. .
    After several pharmacy , I found the formula which includes all “good” Vitamins : Berroca . Good luck to all

    • Thank you for your contribution.
      If you have joined the site members, you received the food guide vitamins and trace elements. It gives the effect of deficiency / excess, recommended doses and the main food providers.
      I recommend the cocktails of vitamins / minerals that are less available and sometimes more toxic than those contained in fruits, vegetables and proteins that form natural sources !
      Deficiencies are bad but some are too dangerous too… Fortunately not all.
      That was the purpose of the conference yesterday evening that I listed anime for fruitful enVie Association…
      Again, must be reasonable and not supplement blind or self medication…

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