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Directly inherited from ancient, France is a great country spa tradition. Discounts up to date by the Empress Eugenie in the nineteenth century health resorts are democratizing more.

1/ La mer

Spa resorts have no particular orientation in infertility.
The most that can be noted Arcachon was known to favor the legalization of women's issues ... These are the medical staff who give the color of most spa center and enable the management of care by the French social security system.
But remember that the composition of sea water without salt (sodium… )corresponds to the composition of our blood plasma (or rather the reverse !). A swim is going to allow our organization to capture osmosis trace elements loss.
While waiting for the holidays, and failing to go on a weekend, you can always take a bath with coarse sea salt iodized, style guaranteed organic sea salt. And you can also bring your holiday Brittany algae powder, or find commercially or on the internet ...
Best of, this marine plasma exists as oral or injectable ampoule (he was granted a marketing authorization until 1984), developed by M. Quinton (a magazine bio, on www.quinton.es or www.source-claire.com for example, I have not checked in pharmacy…)

2/ The waters

Les stations thermales ont, they, substantial variability in the composition of their waters. Each has one or more specialties, sometimes with a much wider range of several neighboring sources may have different characteristics.
A study of almost exhaustive spas French allowed me to note that the indication "gynecology" neighbor always rheumatology and ENT. Their highly mineralized waters help fill gaps in trace elements.
Attention, Some centers reported below are not approved "in principal orientation" by Social Security for the care of Gynecology and Andrology : if you want to cure a medicalized, You should verify ... But if you want access to health fitness offered by most of these stations along with medical treatments, you can get the most benefit from this list.

In France

Ax-les-Thermes 09

  • Main orientation : ORL et Rheumatology
  • Women's Action : Adnexitis, uterine congestion, fibromatose, métrite, pelvic neuralgia, infertility.

Balaruc-les-Bains 34

Bagnoles de l'Orne

Bourbon-l'Archambault (03)

Brides les Bains73

Challes waters 73

  • www.chainethermale.fr
  • Women's Action : Amenorrhea, ovarian dysfunction, leucorrhée, infertility, Endometriosis.

Digne les Bains 04

  • Women's Action : Congestion ovarienne, métrite, salpingitis, infertility

Evaux les Bains Creuse 23

The Léchère les Bains 73

Luxeuil baths 70

  • www.chainethermale.fror www.luxeuil.fr
  • Orientation : gynecology, phlebology, Rheumatology
  • Action masculine : Asthenospermia, Oligospermia.
  • Women's Action : Abortion repetitive, cystalgie to clear urine, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, métrite, sclera-kystique ovarite, salpingitis ; Cervical sterility, hormonal, tubaire ; Vaginismus neuropathic.

Luz Saint Sauveur 65

  • Women's Action : Cervicitis ; Primary dysmenorrhea, membranous ; Hypomenorrhea pubertal, leucorrhea infant, menopause, métrite, pubertal oligomenorrhoea, perimetritis, puberty, salpingo-ovarite, infertility, vulvo-vaginitis child

Plombières les Bains 88

Salies de Béarn 64

  • Women's Action : Postoperative adhesion, amenorrhea ; Pelvic congestion, uterine ; Dysmenorrhea, Endometriosis, fibromatose, Fibroids ; Hypermenorrhea essential, hormonal ; Infantilism utero-adnexal, menopause, métrite, pre-menopausal, puberty, salpingitis, infertility, vaginitis ; Vulvo-vaginitis mycosique,

Salies of Salat 31

  • http://salinea.free.fr/salies-salat/
  • Action masculine : Andropause.
  • Women's Action : Algies, the pelvis, small pool of congestive ; Amenorrhea, pelvic congestion, dysmenorrhea,
    fibroma, leucorrhée, menopause, menorrhagia ; Sequelae of metritis, de salpingo-ovarian, infertility

Ussat les Bains 09

  • http://www.thermes-ussat.com/
  • Women's Action : Amenorrhea, Graves' disease, utero-ovarian congestion, dysmenorrhea, dysthyroïdie, frigidity, hyperthyroidism,
    métrite, migraine catarrhale, infertility, vulvo-vaginites

Pay Prats de Mollo la (66)


Our neighbors and destinations

Biskra a Algérie

Spa a Belgique, source of Sauvenière

Frantiskovy Lazne in the Czech Republic

Souvala, Saronic Islands in Greece

This village is on the island of Aegina, Penthouse, off the port of Piraeus. Its alkaline hot springs are known for their particular benefits to the skin. (http://www.pireas.com/fr/about-piraeus/saronic-islands/aegina/aegina-village)


This country has a great tradition Spa : the very name evokes Romania there directly by ancient Rome who was a recognized use of water ? The art spa is still alive and you can follow, parait-on, a cure "peak" at attractive prices. (http://www.romania-pele-mele.ro/Old/THbaile_herculane.htm)

  • Baile Herculane : the spa was founded by the Romans as the sources of Hercules. Again, therapeutic indications ranging from rheumatism, to inflammation in various including of course gynecology. (http://www.herculane.info/)
  • Baile Felix : still a large spa very versatile in rheumatoid, neurology, Endocrinology and Gynecology (http://www.bailefelix.net/)
  • Sovata : all for a cure bioclimatic the heart of Transylvania ! Gynecological conditions are in the spotlight : ovarian failure, infertility, ... with hypoplasia of the thyroid diseases, the pituitary, cardiovascular disorders, burnout, osteoarthritis. A large complex (try to) rejuvenate. (http://www.sovata-alunis.ro/)

Lived a Croatie

Lived a Istria : this water, rich in trace elements and radioactive, is anti-inflammatory and helps restore the metabolism (http://www.istarske-toplice.hr/pages_en/therapeutic_properties_of_water_and_mud_indications_and_counterindications)


A thousand sources exist in this country that invented the "Turkish Bath" ! But for a tourist who do not speak the language, the possibilities are limited ... (http://www.mymerhaba.com/Stations-thermales-en-Turquie-2679.html)

On the other hand, you can combine culture to health by visiting the many archaeological remains ! (to plan your trip, Turkish Tourist Office : http://www.goturkey.com/content.php?cid=23&typ=f&lng=fr)


The main spa is that of Moulay Yacoub near Fez.


The country is rich in sources. Unfortunately gynecology is not listed in the therapeutic ... (http://www.spain.info/fr/disfruta/cuidandote/balnearios/)


Some spas and hot springs rare on the internet ... The indications are the rheumatology and especially the well-being ! (http://www.visitportugal.com/pturismo/Pdf/a204a53e-b685-4f27-bec5-bd8673640cd3.pdf)


To go further

Note that the stations indicating the details in "Women's Action" or "action men" have been studied by Dr. Seror, homeopath in " Study 100 stations thermales françaises "With Directory properties of water. (1age the publication of this article 18/4/2007, MAY 11/11/11)



And you ?

Do you know of other centers ?

Have you tried a spa ? With what results ?


    Photo credits : "Rough" by Uolir, "Sea fish" in Late Antiquity, "Hierapolis - a view of the site and the baths" by zamito44

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      • Hello, there is an error in the listing; center worthy of the bathroom only ENT and Rheumatology, PAS Gyneco…

        • Hello,
          There is no error : your comment is an opportunity to clarify.
          ENT and rheumatology are indications of Social Security for financial support made cures.
          The female action cited is from the site of Homeopathy Dr. Séror : as I indicated at the top of the article, it is a benefit due to the composition of water “secondary action” therapeutic indication but not a fundable.

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