Acupuncture et fertilité masculine

As a recent study of the impact of acupuncture (tied to DHEA) in women, published recently by a team of Chinese acupuncture in the indications male.
The structural quality of sperm has been studied significantly improved without any statistically measurable impact on cases of nécrospermie, maturation or apoptosis (program of self-destruction of cells).
Acupuncture appears to help improve teratospermia.
See the article in English
And find it on, keywords : acupuncture spermatozoa. Also remember to read the articles associated with different outcomes.

You can find a summary prepared (PDF) by medical member of the research studies in acupuncture in French on various studies on the action of theAcupuncture in male fertility.
A bonus, you can even see the last page with their protocol with needle and moxibustion !



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