Amino acids and antioxidants to fertility

Role in fertility
Recommended intake
Where to find ? ? ?
In mg 100 g
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extremely powerful antioxidant

2 mg at 10 mg
Tomatoes and products made from these foods. (in large quantities)
Papaya *
Apricot *
Pink Grapefruit *
Guava *
Watermelon *


NB : The absorption of lycopene is better in the presence of a lipid carrier; it is recommended to imitate the Mediterranean diet which consists of consuming olive oil with your tomatoes. And unlike most fruits and vegetables, tomatoes releases the lycopene better when cooked.

Researchers at the University of New Delhi have studied 30 men aged 23 to 45 years and suffering from unexplained infertility effects of oral treatment of 2 mg of lycopene per day. After three months, doctors found :
An improvement in semen quality in 67 % patients ;
An improvement in the vitality and mobility of sperm 73 % patients.
Six participants in the trial would even become fathers at the end of the study. However, Further work is needed before we can say the role of this antioxidant in improving male fertility.

Coenzyme Q10


Synthesized by the body primarily
Occurs in :
Nuts, hazelnut
To date, Marketing suspended in France


Super anti-oxidant,

he would intervene on the level of inhibin B and "reactive oxygen species" = Free radicals ; improve the velocity of sperm
16 mg / day for 3 month
Seafood : salmon, trout (rose), « red seabream», shrimp, lobster and fish eggs.

First study published in September 2005. marketed under the brand Pro Astin in France


Arginine is an amino acid that plays a role in cell division, the process of wound healing, the removal of ammonia in the body, the proper functioning of the immune system and secretion of certain hormones, including growth hormone. From arginine, the body produces nitric oxide, a substance that promotes blood vessel dilation, as well as creatine, a non-essential nutrient involved in the development and proper functioning of muscles. It would occur on the male dysfunction (erection) and female (sexual satisfaction)
2,5 g 6 g
The body normally synthesizes the food. The organization draws arginine foods such as legumes, some cereals such as brown rice, oats and buckwheat, and red meat, Poultry, fish, dairy products, nuts.
Arginine supplementation may cause abdominal pain and bloating, of diarrhea, gout, allergic respiratory and skin and heart palpitations.
The studies carried on associations arginine-arginine, ginseng and yohimbine (Prescription, precursor of viagra)

Present with vitamin C in "Sargenor"

Induced herpes outbreaks in people carrying the virus.

Carnitine or l-carnitine

Amino acid. Enters the composition of sperm (used as a marker in some tests to define the place of birth defects in the epididymis)
2 g / day

Proxeed ™ 2/jour procure de la l-carnitine, of carnitine, of vitamin C and fructose, is the seminal composition

But a study published in “Fertility & Sterility, May 2006” “Carnitine for the treatment of idiopathic asthenospermia” has shown that regular supplementation during 24 weeks had no impact on men with asthenospermia, neither count, or mobility. This study is in contradiction with other previous laboratory sponsored by the manufacturer Proxeed.

Items listed in the table initially fortified and built by Tamon.

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