A table to have a baby in concrete !

In’previous article, I gave you examples of sterile menus and I explained how your food to be excellent for the body to be good for your gametes…

Now I offer you a concrete example of menu, in addition to what is published in the member zone.

Menu blanc

Menu santé, fertilité menu

Eating on the run, the restaurant business or home will result in very different ways.

More, the meal is a good time where the notion of time allotted and (good) company can make you want to make differences… The buffet offers also creates temptation.

This is the one who prepares the meals to take into account these parameters to build a menu that meets the requirements of the body and fertility.

Menus in a typical week day

Traditional breakfast

  • 1 -chambered glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of pollen
  • Drink hot tea types
  • 2 slices of sourdough bread BIO
  • with a wire spread chocolate almonds hazelnuts BIO- (limited sugar and saturated fat oil-palm)

Lunch at Restaurant Inter-Company

  • 1 vegetable platter unseasoned + 2 teaspoons canola oil or “omega 3”
  • 1 mincemeat pie + 2 tablespoons of green beans
  • 1 café/thé nature + 1 square of chocolate
  • 1 bottle of water 50 cl

Collation : 1 yaourt nature “Basic” not Sucre + 1 thé nature

Dinner at home

  • 1 big plate of carrot soup House-leek-celery potatoes (without cream or broth ready !), second authorized service
  • 2 Sardines in olive oil 1 slice of organic sourdough bread
  • 1 stewed fruit with no added sugar (home if possible)
  • 1 glass of red wine
  • 1 Chamomile tea types or orange blossom

    Soupe rustique

Menu on a Sunday with friends at home


  • 1 glass of warm water and 1 teaspoon of pollen
  • 1 slice of organic bread with walnuts and almonds
  • 1 hot drink

collation : 1 freshly squeezed orange juice


  • 1 champagne
  • mixed nuts (almonds, cashew nut, pistachios, raisins, goji, mulberries)
  • 1 of guinea Fermière (high grain) Roast
  • 1 beautiful portion of mixed root vegetables baked (rutabaga, carrot, celery, potatoes, parsnip)
  • 1 small piece of cheese with 1/2 slice of bread
  • 1 panacotta fruit coulis
  • 1 worse the wine


  • 1 Organic soup plate “minestrone”
  • 1 slice of organic sourdough bread
  • 1 fruit compote
  • 1 linden tea or chamomile type

These few examples (learned from my week) you show that it is possible to eat healthy and fertile simply, devoting a reasonable preparation time compatible with a busy working life.

To build your own healthy meals, I invite you to join us and Nathalie Ierman me for a second workshop on food in Paris 26 November with desire fruitful. (reservation with Estelle – secretaire@enviefeconde.org 06 85 11 61 70)

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