Privacy Policy, Advertising and reliability

Accordance with the HONcode certifies that the reliable medical information sites, This site follows a strict policy of confidentiality and reliability.


Personal information about visitors to this site is confidential.

I, “Fabienne Goddyn dit Frenchfabi”, I pledge on my honor to meet the legal requirements of confidentiality applicable in France and not to disclose this information to third parties. I am only now able to access the administration interface.

Comments are subject to a moderation a posteriori ma part, with supervision at least weekly.

A commentary can be read by all and can not be deleted by its author (I must apply by mail, using the contact form on the page “A propos“.)

I have access to email addresses stored in a comment entry and a subscription to the blog but do not sell or disclose to third parties ever.

The personal information of subscribers of the site have been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (, under number 1639341. They themselves can change their information via the blue links at the bottom of each email received via the interface provider AWeber Communications or request that the amendment is made for them.

Special case of advertising

I censor comments irretrievably or advertisement.

This site is funded by my tax dollars and fees that can pay me some vendors that I put forward. In these cases, I specify clearly benefit from a compensation ; especially all the links lead to Amazon a commission between 4 and 6% while maintaining the same selling price for you.

I select drastically and recommends only those products that I like already ! I have a reputation to maintain and I have always been at heart to bring you the most value.

So you can enjoy in exchange for as much free content for your use.

So thank you in advance to go through my links when you want to buy a product highlighted ; you will help me to endure this site.


Reliability of information

This is to ensure reliability from me but also from the contributors !

To ensure the reliability of the information posted on this site, and in accordance with the HONcode, you will find for each item of sources specific and more generic in a bibliography “Back to Basics“.

From you, when you post a comment, remember to indicate your sources (References, connections, and so on.) medical data disseminated or specify if the elements come from your personal experience. In contribuant, you agree implicitly to broadcast only information that is true and correct in light of your knowledge.


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