I'm :

  • no doctor,
  • or pharmacist,
  • nor biologist.

I am a woman with a career assistance fertility who had the curiosity to "see below."

This led me to become a naturopath to provide "education for health" : je peux dispenser des conseils dans cette mesure qui sont toujours PERSONNALISES. Je suis également praticienne en hypnose ericksonienne. Si vous voulez me rencontrer en tant que professionnelle et bénéficier de mes conseils personnalisés, cliquez ici.

I never ask diagnostic : only a doctor is trained and qualified to diagnose ; naturopath in France is a health educator - The World Health Organization class naturopathic among traditional medicines, Complementary and Alternative, as well as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. (http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/fr/m/abstract/Js17553en/)

Trainer for naturopathic herbal, I call for caution in the use of plants, which are “herbal drugs” containing active substances, So with guidance and possible drug interactions. Je m’élève totalement contre l’auto-médication.

This blog, This site is a work of librarian, a compilation of multiple data "pre-digested" for easy access by everyone.

To complete the patient-physician relationship, toutes scientific sources sont indiquées et datées.

The information provided on this site is intended to improve, not replace, the relationship between the patient (or site visitor) and physician. Utilisez-les pour préparer vos questions !


Publication du 20 February 2011 avec mise à jour le 9/2/2013 – Retrouvez l’ensemble des Mentions légales dans la page du même nom !

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