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Fabienne GoddynWithout contraception since 1994, I'm still waiting for pregnancy : this cycle, the next or never ? Aujourd’hui çà n’a plus la même importance et ce sera probablement jamais

I discovered many reasons for blocking, since inadequate nutrition, a healthy lifestyle too stressful, a psychology deteriorated by years of fruitless waiting, and a negative family history in the transmission of life ...

Over the years, I have lived and explored various facets of conventional medical treatments and natural support for fertility.

Coach to the City, je suis devenue naturopathe et hypnothérapeute à cause/grâce à ce parcours médical en infertilité.

I shared during 5 years my findings on the blog "pmabio : Fertility, PMA et Bio.”, puis sur ce site à partir de 2011, avec la certification des sites de santé fiables délivrée par l’ONG “HONcode” en partenariat avec la Haute Autorité de la Santé.

On this non commercial site :Fabienne

    • I want to help you improve naturally your fertility to have a baby with food, plants, dietary supplements and other simple techniques nonmedical (you keep your medical care.)
    • I'm telling you stories of fertility to soften the wait and the attempts.
    • I am indicating my preferences in terms of complementary medicine with conventional medicine.
    • I share with you my address book of business partners and therapists.
    • I give you some medical information (Articles in the form of) citing specific studies to help you better prepare your questions and talk with your doctor.

Fabienne GoddynAnd I try to bring you tailored support that you can ask me, in addition to essential medical !
(to meet me as a professional, vous trouverez plus d’informations en cliquant sur une de mes photos)
A naturopathic supplements a doctor to advise you on your lifestyle globally.

With my dual career coaching and employment naturopath, I therefore propose to work on 2 ends of the pyramid representation of the individual : supplements offered beginning of the work !

As a naturopath trained in the AEMN, my reading grid of a health problem is "holistic", that is to say, it takes into account the different facets of an individual. No way you cut into rings ! The drawing below shows you theoretically different plans of an individual : physical, vital and psychic. Dedicated tools can help work on each plan, conventional medicine remains the essential reference for the plan physics ...

3 plans de l'individu

Fabienne Goddyn

fabienne (a) have-a-bebe.fr

This representation evokes another, used by coaches and NLP : Neuro-Logical levels conceptualized by Robert Dilts…



Contact me, les membres du blog peuvent aussi répondre aux mails que je leur adresse.



  1. Hello !

    Thank you for this blog ! I find it very interesting. I myself am waiting for baby. I hope for a beautiful pregnancy. thank you again for sharing with us what you know.

    soon cheyma

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