7 mandatory actions to initiate a pregnancy and pregnancy

A review article to quickly review the axes to be implemented to encourage the arrival of baby !

1s ax: act on your environment

1/ remove pollutants

Our environment contains many chemicals : household cleaning products, paintings, food packaging, insecticides, synthetic fragrances, cosmetics, and even drugs ...

Interactions with each other, their ability to accumulate in the air and in our tissues are among the unknown to the public. Which is better known, this is the disturbing action of hormones many of them !

Planning a pregnancy, it is already clean pollutants from the house that would disrupt the production of the child or her conception

2/ provide room in the home and family

A child, this is a new factory to accommodate continuously.

Therefore, you'll have the house : it provide a space for him, Perhaps a room, at least one sleeping area. This will be the first place to clean up the shelter products allergic or hormone disrupters.

Everyone in life has a role to play. Unfortunately, sometimes there is confusion and you are forced to don a suit that should not be yours. Behave in parent's spouse, a brother, a parent or eternal child does not leave the symbolic place for the baby you hope to bring. Well, being overwhelmed by the children already here leaves no room for a new being.

You will leave room for the child in your life so that he could fill this space !


2th axis: prepare your body for the design

1/ cleanse the body

Our environment has brought you many pollutants. You may have added toxic heavy metals via smoking and other lifestyle harmful ?

All this can disrupt normal hormonal functioning of your body ! All this can be trivial to you but go in the body of your baby and disrupt its development.

More and more tests can detect if you are "poisoned" from the inside or likely to leave these poisons your child become ...

The solution : cleaning ! The techniques are multiple : Diets of fruit and vegetables, taken coal or clay, medicinal plants ... Everyone will find a suitable means of time that common sense is respected and that therapeutic drug monitoring is tight.

2/ think about sexual health check-ups

If you are married, you probably know your situation against rubella, This mild illness for the mother and fetal malformations generating more or less lethal. Otherwise, the test of immunity is a prudent action to ask your gynecologist at the usual assessment.

Well, better to be certain about the situation of each partner deal with Sexually Transmitted Diseases in order to adapt the games of love and the dangers of Design.

Finally a smear should be performed regularly : during pregnancy, The neck should be tightly closed to protect the sanctuary uterine. In case of abnormal cells in this area, it will not be possible to intervene before birth then it would have been easy to speak before ...

The design is usually within the range of 6 to 24 month. If you know you have problems or fertile if you are approaching their forties, quickly ask you a complete assessment of fertility with your doctor. In other cases, you leave time to time by just a temperature curve and multiplying reports during the cycle ...

3/ adapt its lifestyle

To build a new life, your body needs the basic material that your diet can only bring. You will be able to revise it accordingly.

You will also sleep the hours that your body needs and to bed at a time when you feel like going to sleep : thus you will allow your internal clock to calibrate properly and all the secretions of hormones will follow naturally and get back at the best level. You will manage stress by gentle methods and forget addictions to substances, legal or illegal.

Finally you will stop polluting your body with food unsuitable, molecules brought about by the chemical reactions and find healthy eating !


3th axis: open your mind and your soul to meet the other

1/ release control

Go to sleep is the best way not to find, It is well known. To bring a child, our mothers and grandmothers always say that we should not "think !”

You need coverage the sweet certainty that the child will appear at the right time, when it "has decided that the time has come." Evacuate all doubts and take appropriate action without taking the lead !

And in the arms of your spouse, this applies also for the fun comes. Assistance to procreation is a further benefit to that of love ...

Letting go of control over areas where it is not possible to control will lower your stress and feel more able to host the Life and Fate.

2/ open in the future and the transformation

Each is a unique individual : just look at the twins and their differences in terms of temperament, will, ambitions to realize as this is true !

Give life or rather the transmission of life is to accept the unknown as this is yet another built from our flesh and our blood. At birth, the child also creates a family, Parents, grandparents ... And you will not make his knowledge that the day of birth and gradually over the years that follow : you must now accept that the potential full of surprises ...

Naturopathic medicine as "health education and healthy living" can help you review your environment, prepare your body (without medical intervention) and open your mind (with elixirs for example) !

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  1. Very good article that made me aware of the need to let go and let this baby come when it pleases, I did not see things this way I am in a hurry”be mom again !

    • Merci Maya.
      Letting go is important. It's like “Help yourself and heaven will help you !”
      We must do what is necessary to bring conditions up and accept that babies come when the time is here.

  2. Hello Fabienne,
    Je n’arrive pas à telecharger le guide pour tomber enceinte 🙁
    Could you please send in another format

    • Same for me, and let go… I can not really take part, I work with moms and moms and even I am quite happy for them, and I am, I am still sad not to have… Yes I too would like to read this article.
      Thank you.

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  4. Hi everyone! this is really a good thing to discuss and find a solution can be. I've 43n years, married only since 3 years and I can not ) be my baby! with high FSH, it is a little difficult. Is there any herbs that could lower my FSH

  5. Thank you for this nice read, I find this article very clear and naturally optimistic !

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