2012, change the world !











It is customary with the new year, each with his wishes for 12 months before us ...

But 2012 is a year that does not exist entirely in the Mayan calendar, we are told all over the media : incomplete year, it would be the year of the End of the World ?

This is a fantastic opportunity for us all : the old world disappears, the new world is possible ! While we may - finally ! (add some ... )

What has he over again that becoming a parent, to welcome a new life and help to hatch, grow, thrive to achieve and contribute to transforming our world into a new permanent ?

Year 2011 was that the launch of this site, she saw the creation of 3 supplements available to subscribers of the site. 2012 will strengthen services to help improve your fertility into your home to accommodate the expected child.

I therefore hope that this new world can be your means of transformation with the arrival of a child in your home.

Happy New Year, good health and good fertility to all and to all Having a baby on !


Photo credit : Ludie Cochrane, Ecahal

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